Future of Research Forum 2021

Clarivate Future of Research Forum 2021

Join us to discuss the most pressing issues for those who seek to inform and guide research support, execution, evaluation and planning decisions at a global, national, institutional and individual level. The forum will offer attendees the opportunity to share best practices and gain actionable insights for the advancement of research and real-world outcomes.

Day 1
The future of international collaboration

Watch day 1 of the Future of Research Forum to hear from experts and peers who are exploring novel approaches to assess research collaborations. Discover solutions that can help you make confident, data-informed decisions, whether you’re looking to identify the right academic or industry partner to take your next project forward, or need to reduce the administrative burden required to meaningfully assess the outcomes of your organization’s current collaborations.

Day 2
Leveraging big data to achieve your mission

View day 2 of the Future of Research Forum to learn how you can save time and avoid common pitfalls when working with large data sets. Experts from the research community and Clarivate will share best practices and discuss solutions to help you collect, clean, and interpret research data at scale.

Day 3
Implementing best practices in research evaluation

Meaningful research evaluations require the right data, analysis and interpretation alongside robust peer review—a combination that many orgainzations find challenging to implement at scale. Watch day 3 of the forum to learn about novel approaches designed to enable fairer comparisons between researchers and practical tips you can use to improve evaluations at your institution.